drifting-sands-haibun: submissions

  • submissions -> -> march 1 thru april 15, 2020 for april 30 issue.
  • submit to: oasis@drifting-sands-haibun.org
  • only submissions received during the submission period will be considered. all others will be deleted.
  • email up to two haibun/tanka prose in the body of the email to oasis@drifting-sands-haibun.org with the subject: dsh (your name), (date).
  • include your name at the top of the email.
  • simultaneous submissions are allowed.
  • previously published works are allowed as long as you give credit to the original publisher. show them the love. they've earned it.
  • work will be formatted with left-aligned text and poems (haiku, senryu, tanka).
  • please avoid special characters, they don't play well with all browsers.
  • by submitting, you agree to adhere to the guidelines in this submissions policy and that the submitted work is your own and that you have the rights necessary to give us permission to publish it.
  • by submitting, you agree that we may publish your work (on this website only). you retain any additional publication rights.
  • we will not publish racist, sexist, homophobic, or other hateful speech. religion and politics are touchy subjects. we're not censors but attack ads will not be published. Feel free to express yourself but not at the expense of others.
  • send your best.

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